I get this question all the time. So, I've got the answer for you.


Yes, Pre-spring and Spring are the best time to purchase a pool or pool kit. There are a few reasons why I say this. 
Discounts. We are currently having a pre-season sale on ALL of our in-stock pool models.  But not only do we have great discounts on current models, but we also have heavier discounts on models we are looking to move.  Just because it's from 2014, doesn't make it any different. Well, except maybe less expensive! 
Installers. Installers go in order of phone calls when spring rolls around. The earlier you get on the installers list, whomever you choose, the earlier your pool will be installed.  Typically, installers start around May, depending on weather.  The sooner mother nature starts to cooperate, the sooner you'll be splashing away in your pool!
Stock Our stock availability and your choices typically begin to diminish mid-June. Getting in early and putting a deposit on a pool, holds your model and size of choice for you at the discounted rate. 
Layaway During this time of year, we completely understand that you probably don't have room to store a swimming pool kit in your home or garage.  So, we've made it easy! We will hold your purchase at NO COST until you are ready for pick up or delivery! 

What kind of deposit do I need for a pool?
We make putting your pool on hold for spring extremely easy.  One of our pool specialists will help you pick out your model and size, and once you are ready, all we need is a $100 deposit to put your name on the pool. This deposit IS refundable within 90 days should you change your mind. 

Do you have any financing available?
What a good question you've asked! Why yes, yes we do! We've got an incredible deal going on right now for financing.  0% Interest financing for 12 months! yep, 0%, one whole year! Financing is of course subject 

Have more questions for me? Comment below, Email me, Call me, Tweet me, Facebook Me, or just old school it and come in and talk to me! I'm here to answer your questions!

Now, lets all join together and think spring thoughts....