Not all warranties are created equal. When deciding where to invest your hard earned dollars into a product and/or a company, taking a look at the product's warranties is extremely important. What is the length of warranty, what is covered, and who is going to be handling the warranty for you can change depending on the company and the product.

Length of warranty & what is covered: Different components in a package or on a single product can have different warranties. For example: A hot tub shell may have a 10 year warranty, and the lighting will be covered for 3 years. We've even seen from some manufacture's that parts of the hot tub aren't covered under warranty at all. This can really effect your experience (and cost) of the ownership of your hot tub. Our team is versed in all warranties for all products and we highly suggest getting to know what is covered, and how long it's covered for.

Who handles the warranty: Are you going to be responsible to call the manufacture regarding your warranty from day one or will you get service & support from the store? On hot tubs, pools, saunas and grills, we are able to handle warranties for the length of the life of the warranty. This is extremely important because Hansen's stands behind giving the best experience possible, and supporting your product with knowledge and service is a big part of that.

Investing in a wellness product, and ensuring you're getting what's best for you and your family is extremely important. Hansen's is here to help guide you through the process of looking at all aspects of your investment.