Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

Benefits of Using Hot Tub in Winter
Enjoy the long Winter Months this year with a Hot Tub! 
Below are benefits and tips to making the most out of soaking in hot water this season.

Benefits of Using Your Hot Tub in Cold Weather

  • Soaking in Warm Water In the Cold Outdoors - There is no beauty like soaking in hot water while watching the snow fall.  Especially if you are like us here in the Midwest.  
  • Cold-Weather Hydrotherapy - Ease your muscles and joints from the cold temperatures with soaking in hot water.  This will help avoid injury or strain during physical activity.  Soaking before a workout can help prepare and warm up your muscles, while soaking after can help relax and sooth aching muscles.
  • Social Gatherings and Celebrations - The Holidays are all about enjoy the company of your friends and family.  Your Hot Tub is the perfect site for your gatherings for great communication and great memories!

Tips for Using Hot Tub in Winter

Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

  1. Ensure You Have a High Quality Cover - Majority of your Hot Tub's heat loss leaves through the top...where your cover sits.  Ensure your Spa Cover is of high quality dense foam to where the heat stays inside awaiting your arrival!
  2. Keep the Water Clean - Proper water care is very important to ensure your water is at a  healthy and comfortable state to be in.  Test your water with test strips and or bring in a water sample regularly. 
  3. Change Your Water Early - You should be regularly changing the water in your Hot Tub every 4-5 months.  The earlier you do this before the Winter season hits, the more comfortable of a time you will have draining and refilling. 
  4. Turn the Jets Down - When you use the jets in your hot tub they blow air through their ports causing the water temperature to lower. 
  5. Smart Soaking - When experiencing low temperatures, you should keep  your soak time to about twenty minutes.  This will give your body enough time to reset and relax, and your body temperature won't be too high for when you have to get out.  Going from extreme heat to extreme cold can be a dangerous stress on the body. 
  6. Hydration - It is important to stay hydrated when enjoying your hot tub.  This tip can be applied to any season!
  7. Plan for After Your Soak - At the end of your relaxing soak in hot water, you unfortunately have to get out and face the cold air.  Luckily your body temperature will be so high that it won't feel as brisk as when you first got in!  Plan that you have your towel, robe and slippers ready for the walk back from your hot tub. 
  8. Warm Your Noggin - It is important to keep your head warm during your hot tub soak.  We recommend that in low temperatures to guard your ears and head with a winter hat to keep yourself warm and comfortable!