We're in the middle of a Pandemic.

No, this isn't another one of those articles. This is worth it to read, feel good, happy to be written type of articles. This is an update that I've quite honestly thought about writing for over 3 years, ever since I went back to work after the birth of my first child. So here we are, 3 years later, another child in tow and happiness, contentment and excitement for the future in my heart.

Back to my first line. Yes, we are in the middle of a Pandemic. When everything first started to shut down mid-March we took some time as a team to breathe. I sent everyone home for a few days just so we could all gather our thoughts, make some plans and regroup to gear up for this new and current way of doing business. During that time I spent time with my family. And not the "checking emails while they play on the floor" type of time. Real laughter, love and enjoyment time. In those few days I realized what I had been missing out on, which means all of my team is missing out on : An entire day with their family. Many of our team members have spouses/significant others and children that either work or go to school Monday - Friday and they, like myself, were missing out on that one day a week where they could be free to be with their families and get that time to just relax, unwind and truly enjoy each others company.

So let's get down to it, shall we? From this point forward, Hansen's Pool & Spa will be closed on Sundays. Sundays will be filled with relaxation, happiness, wellness, joy and laughter. My team will now have days where memories can be made without having to take extra time off, vacation days, or be at home worried they are needed at the store because it's busy. (I'm grateful to have some talented and dedicated people around me who I know worry when they are not in!) I know that this new way of life will make them better people and better Hansen's team members to better serve you the other 6 days of the week.

With this update comes even more convenient shopping hours for you! We will be open six days a week, Monday-Saturday, now including Wednesdays. This actually yields more hours open than if we were to stay closed Wednesdays and open on Sundays. You can stay updated to our changing hours and in-store vs. curbside pick up offerings via our website, our Facebook page, and our Google page. We update information immediately as it changes.

Thank you to all of you that make us so great and have supported our family business for 38 years!