Shopping a Local Retailer vs. Big Box Retailer : What is the difference?

When it comes to choosing where to shop today, there are so many options. Online, Brick & Mortar, Shop online to pick up in-store, the list goes on. While retail continues to shift and change, one thing remains the same: you will always get a different experience when you shop at a store when it is owned & operated by someone that lives in your community.

Personalized Service. At Hansen's Pool & Spa we really strive to put this at the top of our list. We want to know how we can make your experience with us personalized to your wants and needs. When you come in looking for a spa, we aren't going to spill out a bunch of product facts and how its the biggest selling hot tub in timbuktu or whatever this week's fad may be telling you to buy. We are here to find out what is going to be best for you and your family. The only product features and fact we care about are the ones that are going to enhance your life, not ours.


Product Knowledge.  Our team spends hundreds of hours a year learning about our product. We are dedicated to being a top-notch service company, and that means knowing how our product works, what it's meant to do, and how to fix it if we experience an issue. Having trouble with cloudy pool water? We can help you get it crystal clear. Pool filter not working like it used to?  We know what to do to get it running again.   Most big box retail stores do not spend time with their team members teaching them how product works. There is value in that, and we want to bring that value to each of our products, to better help you.


Product Quality. We know what we are carrying in our store. We know how it works, how well it works, and we've tested it out. From a gallon of chlorine shock to a hot tub, we know the product you are receiving is quality product. Did you know there are different qualitifies of algicide for a swimming pool? At some hardware & super retailers you will find that they sell a gallon of algicide for $8. But that gallon of algicide is typically 10% algicide or less. Our lowest percentage of algicide is 30%. So you would need three of those gallons to make one quart of our $16.99 bottle. 3 Gallons of Algicide at $8 = $24.00. One quart of Algicide = $16.99. And just like that, you just saved $7.00! We only carry the best for your equipment at Hansen's.


People that Care. Because we are a family owned and operated company, we truly do care. We want more than anything for you to spend time in your swimming pool having fun and making wonderful memories with your family and friends. We want you to soak in your hot tub at the end of a busy day and let all of your cares go. These are the things that we strive for, and we do what we can to make owning a pool, spa, grill or patio furniture as easy as possible. Our company mission statement for our team is just that: It is our goal at Hansen’s Pool & Spa, Inc. to provide every single one of our customers with products and professional personalized service to enhance their quality of life, happiness, and wellbeing.