Imagine being able to melt away the day’s stress with a luxurious massage that’s given in your own home, anytime you want.

Renew Collection's Massage chairs become your personal masseuse. You can set auto functions or if you're trying to target a specific area, you can choose the speed, pressure and area it covers. There are two different models available: Retreat & Sanctuary. Both chairs are designed to stretch, massage and give therapy to your entire body.


How much do they cost in comparison to massages?

(We will be using averages spent for someone that is needing two massage a month for therapy)

Average Massage 2x/Month = $200/Mo.

Massage Chair (Financed*) As low as= $80/Mo.

That's a savings of $7,200 over 5 years!


Both chairs available to test in-store.
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*Financing through Wells Fargo Financial. Must be approved for financing through Wells Fargo. Financing amount above on Retreat Massage Chair. 60 Months w/ APR of 6.9%