"What's the difference anyway?" That's a common question we get when consumers are looking at available hot tub options when trying to find the right one for them. So I'm going to answer that question today to give a clear view on why shopping with Hansen's is the way to go.

I went to a popular local big-box store that sells hot tubs through their website. I picked one that had a very similar size and features to this Bahama Spa. I could have gone through quite a few different topics, but I'm going to go with four important topics in this article. Price difference? You'll be amazed to find out how much value there is in the Bahama Spa versus this Big-box brand compared to what the actual cost difference is.

Delivery How does having a 700 lbs hot tub dropped off in the street at the end of your driveway sound? When purchasing a hot tub online, it comes with "curbside delivery". That means a shipping company will take it off their truck and leave it in the road, and you are left to figure out the rest. At Hansen's delivery is included within 60 miles of our store on our Bahama Spa Package. Depending on location of hot tub, you could pay a professional company like ours $300-$400 to move a hot tub from your driveway to it's intended location. Otherwise the retailers suggestion is to gather 6-8 people and a furniture dolly to maneuver, through your yard, a 700lbs hot tub onto it's intended location.

Warranty Theirs - 2 Years | Ours - 5 Years     That's an extra three years of warranty when you purchase a hot tub at Hansen's!

What's in the Package? Theirs - Spa, Cover, Step & Curbside Delivery. | Ours - Spa, Cover, Cover Lift, Step, Chemical Kit & Backyard Delivery. With every Bahama or Hot Spring Spa we deliver, we also deliver and install a Cover Lift at no additional charge to make getting your hot tub cover on and off extremely easy. Cost to purchase? Up to $598 depending on model and lift type.

Options Finally found the tub you like, but can't get the color you want? Not at Hansen's! Outside of a specific warehouse sale, we never up-charge to order a hot tub in the cabinet and shell color you are looking for. This particular hot tub we found at the online big-box retailer only have the shell in one color (white) and two cabinet colors from you to choose from.

So, down to the information you really want to know. What is the cost difference? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing. You will spend not a dollar more at Hansen's versus this big-box retailers hot tub. You get 3 years more of warranty, more product, delivery to your chosen location, and a team of experts that are here to help you. Questions? Email Us: info@shophansens.com  Call Us: 262-697-1114 Text Us: 262-671-8545