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Whether your game is foosball, ping pong, air hockey, or even shuffleboard....Hansen's has the game to provide your family with hoursof fun! Bring back the fun of family game night, get togethers with friend and neighbors or just have the entertainment for the holiday gatherings. Experience the "real feel" without controllers and TV screens. Be the house where the kids and their friends like to hang out! Visit Hansen's for all your game needs and supplies. 

uard Tables For Sale

Believe it or not, playing shuffleboard on tables can be traced as far back as England: 1532. First "shoveboard", then "shovelboard", this game consisted of coins and a polished table top. Shoving these coins over the tabletop was a favorite past-time for some of the members of the royal family. It did not take long for the "commoners" to adapt this game for their own use, and became so popular that people actually stopped going to work, causing it to be banned!
As tempting as it may be skip work to play this entertaining game, we wouldn't suggest it. But we do suggest that you take a closer look at our shuffleboards. It's an addictive game and it would make a fine addition to your rec or game room - as a great conversation piece or game of sport!
One of the main reasons as to why shuffleboard tables are becoming popular is because of the limited amount of space it occupies and the low level of maintenance required to keep this game operational.  It is a game that appeals to a wide range of people of various backgrounds and interests, and is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and not to sit idle for long!

Ping pong has long been a favorite game and sport. There are ping pong competitions and leagues across the country . The home version is an exciting two or four person game and requires slightly more room than the other games, just for movement while in play. We carry full size tables as well as conversion tops for billiard tables. Hansen's also carries a range of paddles, nets and accessories. The full size table can be folded in half for personal practice.



Air powered hockey tables will provide your family with hours of fun and competition. As the hockey puck floats across the top of the table on multiple bursts of air you "push" the puck across the table to your components goal.

Using your "pusher" also as your goalie, you attempt to stop your component from scoring on you. The puck flies across the surface to create a fast paced, exciting game. Kids of all ages will love playing this one!